Chiara bergonzi

Soul of the Lot Zero project, Chiara Bergonzi is one of the most authoritative people in the specialty coffee community worldwide. Authorized SCA trainer and judge for the international competitions of the WCE (World Of Coffee Events), Chiara deals with the selection of green beans and the delicate artisan roasting process by which she is able to enhance their precious organoleptic profile, transforming them into extraordinary coffees for sweetness, acidity and aromatic complexity.


Inside the Lot Zero Roastery in Milan, we work only the finest specialty beans to offer you a line of single origins able to amaze the palate of the most demanding coffee lovers. Our range includes several single-origin coffees from all over the world and a specialty blend, Not Just Single, ideal for espresso extraction. 

What is a specialty coffee?

The “specialty coffees” are high-grade Arabica beans, fully traceable in terms of varietal, farm and region of origin, manufacturing process, altitude, etc. They have no primary defects while, on the contrary, their organoleptic profile is amazingly rich of flavors and stand out for sweetness and acidity, which is why they are graded 80 points or above according to protocols set by the Specialty Coffee Association, , on a scale of excellence ranging from 0 to 100.

Specialty coffees are roasted in small batches with an artisanal process and brewed in compliance with well-defined standards.The result is a cup with total absence of bitterness where the hints of fruit, flowers, chocolate, toasted bread are easily distinguishable. Each coffee has its own personality and its own distinctive aromatic profile, depending on the origin, the variety, the processing method.