We don't sell kilos.
We sell seven grams.

You need 7 grams of finely ground coffee to make a rich, full-bodied,
perfectly extracted shot of espresso.
Not a gram more or less. 
Our name is our pledge.
A pledge that we fulfil by following a path made of passion,
of course, and of substance, too.


About us

Since 2009, Sevengrams has been producing high quality coffee in Milan, combining excellence and an innovative spirit. In addition to the 7Gr. blends and single origins, which use the highest quality commercial beans, the company produces the finest Lot Zero specialty coffees, selected and hand-roasted

by Chiara Bergonzi, leading figure in the world of specialty coffee. Sevengrams caters to advanced customers by offering innovative coffee shop solutions tailored to specific needs, with a range that goes from the small specialty coffee shop to special private lable projects.

Our offer

Fine blends and single origins

Recognizable quality in the cup. A pleasure for the sight, nose and mouth.

Specialty coffee

We select and artisan roast the best coffee beans in the world.

Coffee training

We train baristas and coffee enthusiasts through the certified SCA courses.

Bespoke events

We organize tasting sessions or teambuilding events about coffee from bean to cup.​

Specialized store

A wide selection of items and products to meet the desires of true coffee lovers.​

Coffee-shop consultancy

We work with the best cafés and restaurants and we offer full consultancy on the coffee world and new trends​

Private label

We develop projects "from scratch" of private label coffee.​

Office coffee service

We supply coffee to offices and small shops with equipment on loan.