Since 2009 a modern history

An all-female company

Sevengrams was founded at the end of 2009 in Milan by Mary, Angelita, Anna and Daniela Mauro: four sisters born into a family with a long tradition in coffee roasting, whose new business challenge aims to re-launch the Italian espresso tradition and transform a daily ritual into a memorable tasting experience. In 2008, having sold off the shares of their former family coffee business and with a strong experience gained over the years, they undertook a brand new innovative entrepreneurial challenge. 

An all-women team that has been bolstered with the entry of Chiara Bergonzi, SCA trainer, consultant and leading representative of the specialty coffee business, who is now a key member of Sevengrams team, by managing Coffee Studio training programs, customer development and the production activity releated to Lot Zero project whose she is co-founder.

Why 7 grams?

Our Brand

You need 7 grams of finely ground coffee to make a rich, full-bodied, perfectly extracted shot of espresso. Not a gram more or less. 7Gr. is a brand that, starting from its name, declares its mission and philosophy: to offer an excellent, simply perfect espresso. Although being proudly attached to our Italian origins, we are aware that a product’s culture cannot be confined by geographic borders. 

This is why we have chosen a trademark that can be understood in all the languages of the world, especially in the community of the coffee enthusiasts. A sign of respect towards those who, regardless of their country of origin, share our love for espresso.