Who we work for

Our clients are professionals and managers who require a cup of espresso in the office (7 grams of coffee extracted according to the espresso parameters) for both in house consumption and to offer it to their guests with a pinch of pride. 

Our clients are also people that deeply care about the environment and are therefore opposed to the use of plastic and / or aluminum material (capsules).

What we offer

An exclusive proposal: "portioned coffee" in paper pods, which differs from most of our competitors’ offer, for quantity and type of extraction, the environment, health care, freedom of choice and service needs.

The paper coffee pod has a standard size and contains 7 grams of coffee and not 5 as in capsules of some large corporations and those who belong to that system. 

Therefore a 7Gr. pod respects one of the fundamental parameters of the real Italian espresso – 7 grams of powder for a properly extracted cup.

Coffee extraction from the pod is better because, due to its physical shape (diameter and thickness) and the material of which it is composed (permeable paper), the water filter is able to replicate what happens in a professional machine; quite the opposite in the case of capsules, where the water is pushed through the holes of the layer of aluminum or plastic, and therefore does not extract the coffee powder evenly.

Choosing a paper pod system instead of a capsule system is a responsible choice that we share with our customers. The paper coffee pod, in fact, may be simply disposed of in the biodegradable waste unlike plastic or aluminum pods that have no immediate disposal processes. To date most of the plastic or aluminum capsules are not recycled and thus pollute.

Unlike the capsule system that requires dedicated machines for each coffee brand and undertakes to comply with the same coffee supplier, the paper pod system is an “open” system, whereby a universal standard is used for the machines. We only suggest machines for paper pods, selected and calibrated according to the office daily consumption; but if the minimum of 10 coffees a day is too high for the customer, we offer advantageous conditions to buy more appropriate equipment.

We want our customers to be free and satisfied with the quality of our blends and our service. In keeping with this principle, our contracts do not provide for any penalty in the event of termination.

The choice of a paper pod is also safer from a health point of view. Recent studies indicate that plastic and aluminium coffee capsules, being perfectly sealed, prevent the release of furan (toxic component in coffee), and therefore contain a much larger amount than that found in paper pads or coffee at a bar. Moreover, in certain types of capsules, water at high temperatures can release small quantities of the container material (plastic and aluminum) with an “additive” function whose health effects over the years are still not entirely known.

A paper pod system is a choice that goes against current trends offered by the market and requires a complete understanding of the benefits of this system by the users. In fact, a pod system, simulating the extraction mode of professional bar machines, has a less automatic system than a capsule machine and requires a bit of manual work and more attention to the maintenance of the machine.

We support our customers in understanding those few but essential tricks to enjoy a real quality coffee, whilst respecting their health and the environment.