Our customers are those who want to be competent in the world of coffee expresso and intend to operate within a quality model of both training and service. They are aware that a professional approach to the market can not only increase customer loyalty, but also improve the profitability of their operation. Our customers are those who wish to propose 7 grams of value in every cup. 

What we offer

A personalized proposal based on the needs of your customers,
transparent conditions and advice to help your business grow.

We offer a handmade product, not a mass produced one. The 7Gr. coffee is designed for restaurants and prestigious bars and its quality must be recognizable to the eye, the nose and the mouth. The first meeting with our customers is dedicated solely to the tasting of our blends. 

We challenge ourselves, because we are convinced that it is a good blend that transforms a regular cup into an excellent espresso. This must always be an objective and not a mere declaration of intent.

Every customer deserves a focused approach: a pastry shop in the historic center has different needs than those of a college bar! That is why, along with the selection of the mixture, we support the development of the café menu to ensure it is suited to its audience, even using different methods of brewing coffee, where applicable.

To ensure that our blends bring all the qualities that characterize them to each cup, training for us is an essential step. We know how important the skills of a barista are to enhance the characteristics of a good coffee and increase product yield. 

For this reason, we are committed to ensure our customer’s team is fully trained and understands the added value that his knowledge can give to the finished product. We are in fact convinced that it is necessary to build an “Italian path” of innovation in the cafeteria, which is respectful of the best aspects of our culture and can deal authoritatively with what is happening on an international level, where increasingly the barista is not only an operator behind equipment, but also a true connoisseur of the raw material.

We share with our customers the selection of the correct equipment for their restaurants according to the type of use, offering them transparency of our network of technical partners and clear conditions of service. 

It is a very important phase where we feel that rather than dazzle the potential partner with special effects, you need to select the most suitable technical supplier for the specific activity in a specific space.

Our support also extends to the world of accessories and complementary products for the cafeteria. 

For us, every customer is unique. We are therefore always on hand and use an attentive care model, tailored to every technical and professional need. This is the last piece of the puzzle in a good relationship, which aims to resolve any possible technical problems as quickly as possible thanks to our customer’s ability to easily identify the nature of them.