Here you will find a selection of coffee machines which combine elegant design with professional technology to offer very reliable solutions. Constructed by hand using only professional-grade components, these machines are made of high-quality materials and guarantee absolute excellence in your espresso cup.

A consumer free to choose.

By choosing an open standard as the ESE coffee pod, 7Gr. can carry only the highest quality espresso machines available on the market with a technology that will leave the client always free to choose among any brand of coffee.

Unlike capsules, coffee pods can be used in a vast number of coffee makers of different prices currently on the market. Therefore, coffee pods do not force the consumer to buy a particular coffee machine. Once they have purchased the coffee maker of their choice, consumers are free to use the coffee that gives them the quality they want. 7Gr. entrusts the quality of its coffee blends to the care of this innovative method of making espresso coffee, in keeping with its corporate mission.