Coffee Ideas


To accompany the pleasure of savouring coffee we offer a range of superior-quality, craft-produced food specialities.

Sweet specialities made with simple ingredients, to make breakfast-time or an espresso break even more special.


Surrender yourself to the pleasure of Sevendrops. Discover all the finest essence of 7Gr.’s coffee blends, extracted through a rigorous handmade process, to make a coffee liqueur that will conquer you with its extraordinary richness of aromas and its

harmonic balance of flavours. Smooth and round bodied with a subtle, spicy finish and a lingering aftertaste of cocoa.

Perfect as an after dinner liqueur, it can be tasted at room temperature to get every nuance of flavour, or served chilled

to better appreciate its velvet-textured taste.

The Dragees

The new 7Gr.’s dragees combine the full taste of coffee with the richness of chocolate. The best 100% Arabica coffee beans are dipped in extra-fine dark chocolate (61%) from Venezuela to provide a lasting, unique moment of pleasure.

The Kisses

Small, delicate, scented kisses that will make you fall in love. Simple ingredients like butter, flour, sugar and almonds blend together in this irresistible version of the infamous sweet from Piedmont. A tempting core of 55% dark chocolate fondant T’a originating from Venezuela. A unique pleasure that melts in your mouth.

The Cuddles

Indulge yourself in a cuddle of delicious sweetness. In this tempting biscuit, the most delicate pastry tenderly embraces an extra fine centre of T’a white chocolate, adding the most irresistible flavour to your breaks.