Ascaso Dream

Ascaso Dream

A handcrafted aluminium pod espresso machine which combines a stylish retro look with the very latest technology. The 100% brass brew group quickly reaches the optimum temperature for espresso extraction and maintains the brew temperature to ensure a perfect espresso every time. A fixed filter holder makes pod insertion and removal easy, while the cup warmer on top of the machine brings your espresso cups to the right temperature before extraction.  The Ascaso Dream also has a steam wand for delicious cappuccinos.


High-quality materials and components.

The Dream coffee machine is manufactured in aluminium. After preliminary polishing, the machine is treated with a high-quality varnish (the same coating as used in Formula 1 and on boats), with a range of 15 colours and three finishes: gloss, matte and hand-crafted

Aluminium hand-polished.

This finish is achieved by polishing each part by hand, one by one. Any irregularities on the polished surface are the result of this laborious hand-crafted process that makes each piece unique.

Powerful steam/hot water.

The new aluminium + stainless steel group guarantees continuous, unlimited steam. The life of the piece is now much longer thanks to the fact that lime scale does not build up on the stainless steel circuit.

Special cappuccino steam wand.

A special feature which comes as standard on all Ascaso’s products. The design of the steam wand allows the user to make creamy cappuccinos and lattes with an ease that seems like magic.

1.3-litre water reservoir.

Can be removed for easy maintenance, cleaning and visual access, allowing the user to quickly check the amount of water in the chamber. The reservoir can be filled with the coffee machine in operation.

Cup warmer

Emulating professional coffee bar machines, the upper part features a surface that keeps cups warm, ensuring that coffee remains at its optimum temperature.

Wire tray

As well as the decorative aspect, the wire tray keeps the base of the cup free of coffee residue. Easy to clean.