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Let’s fall in love


Espresso deserves to be experienced with awareness in order to open up all its richness of taste, flavor, profile and personality.

In this section we accompany you along the coffee supply chain, focusing on the quality of the final result and the key factors in a cup, openly declaring our goal: to make you fall in love!

Green coffee
From fazendero to 7Gr.

There are few plants in the world with such a broad variety of fruits as Coffea. More than 60 species with thousands of different beans grow in 50 coffee-growing countries spread around the planet’s tropical belt where there is a consistently temperate climate. The choice of best beans is the first step to realize a perfect espresso and for those, like us, who specialise in espresso blends, the countries of origin are a foregone conclusion. MORE

The processing
From 7Gr. to coffee lover

For 7Gr., the selection and purchase of raw coffees is the moment in which, ideally, the person who took such great care of the fruit “hands over” to those who take on the task of enabling it to express its characteristics and aromatic profile to best effect. After selecting the best beans, it starts the production process that transform the green beans in a product suitable for consumption. The critical stages of this process are four. MORE

The preparation
From coffee lover to the cup.

A coffee blend is not a finished product, even when it is made up of the finest beans. There are many important steps involved in preparing an espresso and any of them may profoundly influence the result. Giving importance to an espresso culture also involves awakening consumers to the fundamental criteria that determine an espresso’s quality. Follow us in discovering the most important steps to prepare a perfect cup. MORE

The tasting
From cup to the heart

In a market that is full of “quality claims” based on experience and tradition, we prefer knowledge as an aid to a relationship that centres around a continuous exchange of competencies, not one that is dominated by the seller. We want to engage with our clients in their capacity as “patrons” who are espresso experts. And to do it, we want them to fall in love with coffee. Here we are to support you in the best tasting experience. MORE

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