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An Arabica and Robusta coffee blend with a well balanced and unique taste. Roundness is given to the intense and aromatic body of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans, by the the best robust Indian components. It leaves a persistent and slightly spicy aftertaste with hints of bitter cocoa.




    A balanced cup with good body and an intense hazel coloured cream. The deep aroma and harmonious flavour, are the first taste sensations that are then completed at the end by the Sidamo acidity and a hint of roast. Dark chocolate, spices and licorice notes are persistent in the aftertaste.

  • TIPS

    Tasting tips

    Our People is dedicated to your awakening and sharing moments with those you love. If you love bitter cocoa it will taste pure, but its deep aromatic notes remain well balanced with the addition of sugar or milk in the morning. It is the ideal blend for daily recharging, without ever being aggressive.

    The persistence of its taste will leave what we call the square effect in your mouth, that is the same desire to taste another cup as one has after tasting a piece of good dark chocolate.

  • Brazil


    The basis of our blends. Santos coffee, famous for its high quality beans, gives the blend the roundness necessary to harmonise with the other beans’ sensory characteristics.

    Its sweet, aromatic notes with subtle hints of almond accompany an appropriate body together with its most distinctive characteristic: a definite cocoa aftertaste and a good body.

  • India

    IndiaOne of the finest washed Robustas, Parchment, is grown and processed in India.

    Our handpicked, peeled off and washed Parchment beans are totally free of defects.

    This enables us to give our espresso its rich, velvety body and distinctive spicy notes, which would be hard to reproduce using the same variety from any other country.

  • Ethiopia


    This country supplies the finest washed Arabica beans. Their supremely elegant flavour has medium acidity together with sweet and citrus fruit notes.

    The main coffee harvest usually takes place once a year, in for steps between November and December and is done by hand picking, in order to select only the red and well ripe cherries.

    Sidamo coffee is grown in the central-west area of the country. Its small yet exceptional beans constitute a unique component of the blend, creating an acid/sweet fusion with a delicate hint of rose.

  • Colombia


    Colombia is the largest producer of washed Arabica coffee and its beans are well known for their high quality.

    The plants grow at altitudes between 1500 and 1900 m. and volcanic soil provides them

    a more fertile ground which contribute to better quality beans. The harvest generally takes place between October and February.

    Supremo, the highest grade of Colombian coffee, is one of the finest components of our blends. Its perfect balance and delicate flavour leaves an unmistakable aroma of chocolate enriched with stone fruits and citrus notes.

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