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An incredible surprise for the palate of those who can not drink caffeine or have reached their umpteenth coffee of the day. The Arabica beans are robust and retain most of their multitude of aromas even after the decaffeination process, providing a full-bodied coffee that will amaze you!




    The fine grains of our Grand Cru blend allow the extraction of a caffeine-free espresso with a pleasant acidity and a delicate flavor.

    The smooth texture of the cream protects the fine aroma of the cup and gives it a full and velvety body.

    Chocolate tones are notable in its aftertaste.

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    Tasting tips.

    As the name suggests, the Always blend is suitable for all hours of the day. Dedicated to coffee lovers who can not overdo caffeine but do not want to give up the enveloping taste of a good espresso. The high quality of the selected origins sustains a  high quality of flavour, even after decaffeination. To enjoy the pleasure of coffee at any time of the day.

  • Brazil


    The basis of our blends. Santos coffee, famous for its high quality beans, gives the blend the roundness necessary to harmonise with the other beans’ sensory characteristics.

    Its sweet, aromatic notes with subtle hints of almond accompany an appropriate body together with its most distinctive characteristic: a definite cocoa aftertaste and a good body.



  • India


    One of the finest washed Robustas, Parchment, is grown and processed in India. Our handpicked, peeled off and washed Parchment beans are totally free of defects. This enables us to give our espresso its rich, velvety body and distinctive spicy notes, which would be hard to reproduce using the same variety from any other country.

  • Colombia


    Colombia is the largest producer of washed Arabica coffee and its beans are well known for their high quality.

    The plants grow at altitudes between 1500 and 1900 m. and volcanic soil provides them

    a more fertile ground which contribute to better quality beans. The harvest generally takes place between October and February.

    Supremo, the highest grade of Colombian coffee, is one of the finest components of our blends. Its perfect balance and delicate flavour leaves an unmistakable aroma of chocolate enriched with stone fruits and citrus notes.

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