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we don't sell kilos,
we do sell seven grams.
Mary Mauro - Sevengrams CEO


Our adventure began in 2009.

Hence a modern history, young and constantly looking to the future. Sevengrams comes from the determination of four sisters united by the same passion, eager to continue living the dream of their father and grandfather, respected entrepreneurs in the coffee world. Branching out from the family business, Mary, Angelita, Anna and Daniela united their forces and different skills. The team is supported by a solid background of experience and relationships gained in the field, whilst innovating their way into the future.


Our name is our pledge.

A pledge that we fulfil by following a path made of passion, of course, and of substance, too.

You need 7 grams of finely ground coffee to make a perfect espresso.
Not a gram more, nor less.

Our brand fully reflects our philosophy, starting from the value we place on every moment that precedes the extraction of those 25 ml of pure flavour and aroma which end up in our coffee cup. A rigorous process in which everything has its “weight” and any decision regarding it will make a difference.

A sign of respect towards those who, regardless of their country of origin, share our love of espresso and participate in an open, enquiring, fundamental and pragmatic dialogue.



  • The product’s excellence.


    7Gr.’s quality is guaranteed from blend to cup and is completed by a process of knowledge-sharing which allows consumers to appreciate and understand the difference.

  • Focus on substance.


    We believe that “looking good” is just an aspect of overall quality and not a characteristic that is an end in itself. Our mission is to present the purity of the espresso’s essence, going beyond passing fads or marketing ploys in order to contribute to a high-level espresso culture.

  • Openness towards innovation.

    In other words, being open to the world.

    A world that changes quickly and continuously, a world that communicates in real time and transmits and shares desires and expectations. A world where even the most well-established traditions must keep abreast of the times so as to maintain their authenticity and durability.

  • Commercial ethics.

    We believe that customer loyalty must never be achieved through an imposition, it has to be earned by rising to the daily challenge of meeting consumers’ requirements as regards product quality and customer service.

    Those who choose 7Gr. do so of their own free will, they are not forced to purchase an eye-catchingly-designed coffee maker that will then oblige them to use only a particular product.

  • Responsability.

    We seek to promote responsible consumption focused on quality not quantity: Unlike plastic or aluminium capsules, our paper pods can be discarded with other biodegradable waste, a sign of eco-friendliness. We choose and buy only the finest raw materials to ensure the quality of our products, with due respect for the value of the work done by producers. We work only with suppliers who share out commitment to supply-chain transparency.

    Our coffee beans are processed by only the finest coffee roasters in Italy that guarantee roasting quality control in accordance with our stringent specifications. This allows us to transcend industrial constraints, thus contributing to raising quality through cross-trade synergies.

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