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The ritual of coffee drinking has always had strong roots in Italian culture and has become a daily opportunity to socialize. However little attention is given to tasting this drink and the story that lies behind a cup of espresso.

The Coffee Studio was born with this as its aim: to tell the hidden secrets behind the fascinating world of coffee, in a social space; from plant cultivation to extraction methods. The Coffee Studio is primarily a specialist shop, where you can find selected items for true coffee lovers.

It is also a place of ideas, passion and sharing dedicated to those who love cooking, design and elegance. Through events and activities taking place there, the space aims to become the heart of espresso in Milan and the base from which to recognize the true identity of a reality coveted by the entire world. Through the Coffee Studio, Sevengrams intends to launch its mission on the road of strong values that we have always walked: exclusivity, excellence and transparency.

With a little curiosity, a in a moment you will be warmly welcomed into a world that you think you know, but always has something magical to teach you.

The shop
The 7Gr.’s Coffee Studio is the first physical shop for 7Gr. A place where to find the most complete and exclusive range of products for real “coffee lovers”.
The Coffee Training
The training area provides high-quality, certified educational program addressed to professional baristas and top class restaurant owners.
The Format
The Coffee Studio is a modern format that can be replicated in other cities, thanks to strong relationships with the world of design and in particular with Lago, a leading Italian company that designed it.
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