Our blends, designed and made with meticulous attention, encapsulate the perfect espresso idea, one that is able to frame a moment of pleasure, and one that leaves a good taste in the mouth and provokes a desire to drink another cup to further understand each variation.

What is an espresso coffee blend?

The perfect espresso, for us, is able to synergise the two main sensory characteristics of coffee: acidity – the source of the flavor – and bitterness – the source of the taste. Its is our strong belief that only a mixture designed with this as its aim, culminates in a magic balance between taste and aroma, where neither feature overpowers the other thus ensuring a pleasant final aftertaste. The single origin extracted espresso, conversely, results in an imbalance between the many sensory components, whilst incorrect extractions produce disappointing results in the final cup. For this reason our blend has a grind that is around 100 microns (the exact size for espresso) and our pods are designed to bring that coffee bar flavour into the home and to the office.