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Extra fine Arabica whose countries of origin include Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia.

Compact and velvety texture, rich aroma, with citrusy and flowery hints. It leaves a lingering aftertaste with overtones of milk chocolate and dried fruit (mainly almonds).

Perfect to be tasted with no sugar thanks to its beans natural sweetness.




    A naturally sweet cup with a fine and velvety texture. The aroma is rich and intense, and never intrusive, perfectly balancing acidity and taste. Hints of toasted tones of dried fruit, with pleasant notes of citrus present themselves at the end of the tasting.

    It is characterized by the persistence of its aftertaste, leaving a pleasant flavour of chocolate in your mouth.

  • TIPS

    Tasting tips

    We feel that our Time blend is the ideal accompaniment moments of intimacy and meditation. Its natural sweetness does not require the addition of sugar and allows you to appreciate in all its purity, the rich and balanced aroma. The complex sensory profile of this mixture must be discovered tasting after tasting, training the palate to recognize the most characteristic tones of quality coffee: chocolate, dried fruit, toasted bread and citrus fruits.

    Its low caffeine content (under 1.5%), will also allow you to enjoy it without consequences in the evening.

  • Brazil


    The basis of our blends. Santos coffee, famous for its high quality beans, gives the blend the roundness necessary to harmonise with the other beans’ sensory characteristics.

    Its sweet, aromatic notes with subtle hints of almond accompany an appropriate body together with its most distinctive characteristic: a definite cocoa aftertaste and a good body.

  • Ethiopia


    This country supplies the finest washed Arabica beans. Their supremely elegant flavour has medium acidity together with sweet and citrus fruit notes. The main coffee harvest usually takes place once a year, in for steps between November and December and is done by hand picking, in order to select only the red and well ripe cherries.

    Sidamo coffee is grown in the central-west area of the country. Its small yet exceptional beans constitute a unique component of the blend, creating an acid/sweet fusion with a delicate hint of rose.

  • Colombia


    Colombia is the largest producer of washed Arabica coffee and its beans are well known for their high quality.

    The plants grow at altitudes between 1500 and 1900 m. and volcanic soil provides them

    a more fertile ground which contribute to better quality beans. The harvest generally takes place between October and February.

    Supremo, the highest grade of Colombian coffee, is one of the finest components of our blends. Its perfect balance and delicate flavour leaves an unmistakable aroma of chocolate enriched with stone fruits and citrus notes.

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